March 17, 2012
So, Neil Gaiman just kicked my ass.

As I was sitting last night, (procastinating, as usual) I noticed that Mr Gaiman was answering questions on Tumblr and decided to add one of my own just on the off chance that I might get a few words of wisdom from a favourite writer. I asked, and was answered:

I’m shockingly lazy and find it hard to get motivated to sit in front of that computer and write. Help me!


You being lazy and unmotivated and not writing allows another writer, who does sit down and write, to get published in your place. Magazines and publishers only have so many pages, so many annual publishing spots. You’re letting someone else who wants to do the work get published. Surely that’s a good thing…?

Ass. Kicked. Handed to me on a plate. 

A few fellow Tumblr’s commented that it was a rather rude answer. I don’t think it was, he’s too good a writer for that. It did, what I assume he intended: It inspired me to get on with it.

I hope that it does the same for you.

Thank you Mr Gaiman, for kicking my ass.

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    A reminder to myself: Do Your Work
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    Nichole, we need to get our asses in gear and fucking write a novel.
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    Love Neil Gaiman.
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    He is my hero and augh this makes me appreciate/admire/respect him even more because he knows. He KNOWS that you can...
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